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Prince @ The O2 Arena, London, 2007-08-11 [Concert Review]

Prince - The O2 Arena - London - 2007-08-11 - Live

For this gig we were seated in the VIP area (D1, Row E) and while lots of things have been said about the ticket sales it has to be added that the VIP experience was pretty pleasant. We had a good chat with a couple from Wales. There were plenty of couches, food and drinks in the lounge and the concert seats themselves were excellent. You cannot fully enjoy the lighting effects of the stage from the D1 section but you do get an excellent stage overview and you are being very close to the stage. Anyway, we had a great evening at those seats and also the sound was very good in this area.

The crowd however was lousy as hell. It is true what is being said about Saturday night crowds. Far too many people were far too drunk and kept running out to buy more beers during the concert. Some of them were too drunk to stand on their feet at the end of the gig. It was rather obvious that many of the people in the VIP area must have gotten their tickets for free or very cheap.

The concert itself was good. I felt that it was somewhat better than Friday. But I have to admit that the view from our seats and the sound quality may have some influence there. Unfortunately we had to watch the entire "fans"-dancing-on-stage-karaoke-funky-music-shit again. This time they even added a rather long horn section at the end completely loosing any momentum of the gig what-so-ever. Good thing is that they got back on track after this "break". Like Friday they didn't play anything from the new album "Planet Earth", but they played a lot of great older tracks, so it didn't matter that much. I would like to say that C.C. Dunham is "Not bad...for a girl" on the drums! "Shhh" kicks ass live.

The top highlight of the show was a synth/piano section were Prince managed to play billions of songs playing bits and pieces and rhythms from songs like "Alphabet St.", "DMSR", "When Doves Cry", "Erotic City", "I Wanna Be Your Lover", "Nasty Girl", "Sign O The Times", "Pop Life"... It was entertaining as hell!

After the arena gig we headed for the Indigo2 to look out for a possible aftershow.

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Rating: 4

Band: Prince

Venue: The O2 Arena, London, UK

Concert Date: 2007-08-11


Purple Rain, Cream, U Got The Look, Shhh, Musicology (Hey Funky London chant), Pass The Peas, Play That Funky Music incl Skin Tight (Prince vocals), Wonderful World (Renato + Mike Phillips), The Dance (Renato), Lolita, Black Sweat, Kiss, I Feel For You, Controversy (incl. Housequake chant), Lets go crazy, If I was your girlfriend, Nothing compares 2 U


- Take Me With U, Little Red Corvette (Solo Prince on electric guitar) - Raspberry Beret (Full Band), Sometimes It Snows In April (Solo Prince on electric guitar) - Prince Synth Sample set: Alphabet street, DMSR, When Doves Cry, Erotic City, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Nasty Girl, Sign O The Times, Pop Life - Prince on Piano: The Beautiful Ones, Diamonds and Pearls, Jam, Strange Relationship - Full Band: Do Me Baby, I Wanna Be Your Lover (outro), Sexy Dancer / Le Freak (Shelby and Marva King share lead vocals), A Love Bizarre (instrumental with chorus chants)

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