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Prince : "Mr. Nelson on the North Side", Cinema, [2021] [Movie Review]

Prince : "Mr. Nelson on the North Side", Cinema, [2021]

I got a chance to see a new Prince documentary at the Copenhagen Music Film Festival at Cinemateket in Copenhagen. The documentary tries to tell the story of how and why Prince became the legendary musician we all know. It focuses a lot on the black community in Minneapolis. In fact it almost focuses more on this than on Prince himself.

The movie is based on interviews with a lot of musicians and people who met or worked with or were inspired by Prince. The main problem here is that The Prince Estate did not allow the movie makers to include any of Prince's music and only very limited (mostly old) videos of Prince.

I also seem that the Prince Estate didn't allow any interviews with people who were really close to Prince. You would expect interviews with band members, studio engineers etc. but there is none of that. Most of the people in the documentary are not from the inner circle. It's not a terrible documentary but there is not a lot of new information for old hard-core Prince fans and it suffers a lot from the almost complete lack of Prince's own music. I had the feeling of mild disappointment when the documentary was over.

Netflix is said to be working on a Prince documentary and has been given full access to the archives. Let's hope they create something of value and not just another load of the usual Woke crap that seems to be their specialty at Netflix.

Oh, before they showed the documentary, they also showed Prince's legendary "Sign 'O' The Times" concert movie at Cinemateket in combination with a Friday bar. It was a huge success and lots of Prince fans attended. The SOTT concert movie is a wonderful testament to why Prince was the greatest live performer the World will ever see.

Rating: 2

Band: Prince

Movie Title: Mr. Nelson on the North Side

Directors: Daniel D'Or, Eric Wiegand

First Release: 2021

This Release: 2022

Movie Genre: Documentary

RunTime: 68

Actors: Prince, Chuck D, Chaka Khan, Billy Gibbons, Orianthi

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2022-09-17 21:54

Created: 2022-09-17 21:29

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