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Prince @ Indigo2, London, 2007-08-11 [Concert Review]

Prince - The Indigo2, No Aftershow - London - 2007-08-11 - Live

The O2 Arena gig was over so after some late night snacks and drinks we headed for the Indigo2. Unfortunately it turned out that Prince and the NPG were probably too tired after last night and had decided not to play Saturday night.

We were given the option of swapping our ticket for another after-show of our choice but that was not really an option since we already had tickets for Tuesday and wouldn't be coming back to London after that. We decided to go in anyway and grab a drink or two and generally just hang out a bit.

Inside there were a fair amount of people dancing and having drinks and there was a DJ as well. I am not sure what his problem was but if you are hired to play to a party for Prince fans I suppose it would be a great idea to play mostly Prince tracks or at least related artists. He didn't seem to share my belief. He played mostly drum rhythms and when he threw in "Erotic City" at one point it was heavily remixed so you almost couldn't recognize it underneath the drum rhythms.

Needless to say, we left pretty early. It wasn't really worth spoiling a good night's sleep for and actually we were still rather tired after Friday night's main gig and aftershow.

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Band: Prince

Venue: Indigo2, London, UK

Concert Date: 2007-08-11

Content Type: Concert Review

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