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Prince - 21 Nights (book) [Book Review]

Prince - 21 Nights (book)

In 2007 Prince did 21 more or less sold-out shows at the huge O2 arena in London during a period of 31 days.

Photographer Randee St. Nicholas followed in his footsteps and she shot a lot of photos that ended up in this photobook. It contains photos from all 31 days. You'll find photos of Prince's hotel rooms and photos of Prince and his band. It kinda look like a fashion catalogue.

I think it should have had a lot more focus on the gigs, the stage setup and the performing musicians instead. It can perhaps be seen as an extended tour programme and since the price isn't particularly high I guess it is okay. But don't expect anything very interesting.

Most importantly the photobook includes a brilliant live cd that you can read about here. The cd can only be bought with the book.

[2008, Atria Books]

Rating: 3

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