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Prince - "1999", Boxset, [2019] [Record Review]

Prince - "1999" (boxset)

There is a new Prince "1999" - Super Deluxe Edition boxset out with the following albums:

  • 1999 original album - Remastered (CD)
  • 1999 Promo Mixes & B-Sides Remastered (CD)
  • 1999 Vault Tracks I (CD)
  • 1999 Vault Tracks II (CD)
  • 1999 Live In Detroit 11/30/82 (CD)
  • 1999 Live In Houston 12/29/82 (DVD)

I am not going to review this in details. It is a quality release - but all Prince fans already have the "1999" album, a few "1999" live bootlegs, and most of the unreleased songs too in whatever quality on obscure bootlegs. I'm not unhappy with the release at all, I'm just trying to describe it. The vinyl version is ridiculously overpriced. The CD version is priced fairly.

Here is a short run-through of the important tracks on the two "Vault" CDs that are by far the most interesting items in the box:

Purple Music:

Kick ass funky minimalistic stuff. You need this track. It is essential Prince.

Delirious (full-length):

A bootleg favorite of mine, now with slightly better sound. Shoulda been on the original "1999" album instead of the shorter version.

Do Yourself a Favor:

Well-known bootleg. Top-class melodic Prince track. He didn't release this one officially? Like why? How? A masterpiece.

Possessed (1982):

We got a different and later version on the Purple Rain boxset. Well, here is an earlier version if you needed one more...

Irresistible Bitch:

Raw early Prince version of this gem. Cool. An official bootleg.

Feel U Up, Turn It Up, No Call U:

Well-known bootlegs. Nice to have in better quality.

Something in the Water (Does not Compute):

Early version. Cool to hear this early take on this great song.

Moonbeam Levels:

Remastered (again?) Still a great song, that he never released officially? Why?

Don't Let Him Fool Ya:

Simple but nice. I like this one. Could have deserved to become something more.

Can't Stop this Feeling I Got, Bold Generation:

Later Graffiti Bridge material. Just demos here, but not very far from the end products years later.

"... May U live 2 see The Dawn."

Rating: 4

Band: Prince

Record Title: 1999

This Release: 2019

Record Format: Boxset

Extra Info:

Boxset, Super Deluxe Edition. 5 CDs + 1 DVD. Includes booklet with information and photos.

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

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