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Prince @ 10'øren (amager strandpark), Copenhagen, 2011-08-06 [Concert Review]

Prince - NPG Festival, Copenhagen - Denmark - Live - 2011-08-06

We had VIP lounge tickets for this first day of the NPG festival and it proved to be a great investment. It included dinner and the option of some benches to sit and listen to the support bands near the stage. Also included was a t-shirt and 5 beers and access a VIP bar and VIP toilets.

The festival turned out to be very well organized and very much a smooth experience on all levels. The support bands included: Chaka Khan, Raphael Saadiq, Paloma Faith and Nikka Costa. Out of these, I found Paloma Faith pretty good and quite charming, while I hated Nikka Costas voice, I found Raphael Saadiq a waste of time, and Chaka Khan should have retired 10 years ago.

We had inner circle tickets for Prince and he delivered a great performance. The inner circle area was rather crowded on this first NPG Festival day, but it is always essential to be near the stage at a Prince gig. Larry Graham joined the NPG on bass on several songs and unfortunately a lot of audience members were also invited on stage to dance, something I always hate.

The crowd and the band were in a total party mood this Saturday evening and it was a totally funky party for 1h25 until the weather decided to drown us in ultra heavy rain. Within a few seconds everybody and everything was drowned in water, including the stage, and the band had no other option than to pull the plug and abort the concert.

It didn't feel as bad as it sounds. We had had a very great show until then and the ending in non-purple rain was really spectacular, so actually we were in a great mood when we left. We were more than ready to return for more Prince the day after.


  • Prince - whatever
  • John Blackwell - drums
  • Cassandra O'Neal - keyboards
  • Morris Hayes - keyboards
  • Ida Nielsen - bass
  • Shelby J. - vox
  • Andy Allo - vox (guitar)
  • Marva King - vox
  • Larry Graham - bass (special guest)

Total playing time : 1h25

Rating: 5

Band: Prince

Venue: 10'øren (amager strandpark), Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2011-08-06

Support Bands: Chaka Khan, Raphael Saadiq, Paloma Faith, Nikka Costa


Gold, Guitar, Crimson And Clover / Waiting In Vain (by Andy Allo), Take Me With U (with Andy Allo), Raspberry Beret, Cream, Cool (incl. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough by Shelby J., Andy Allo), Make You Feel My Love (by Shelby J., Andy Allo, Ida Nielsen), Purple Rain, Let's Work, U Got The Look, Mountains, Everyday People (with Larry Graham), Alphabet St. (incl. Kissing My Love by Shelby J.) (with Larry Graham, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble).

Ticket Price (DKK): 1290

Ticket Provider: Billetlugen

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