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"Poor Things", Cinema, [2023] [Movie Review]

"Poor Things", Cinema, [2023]

The story of a female Frankenstein's monster. Emma Stone plays a woman who commits suicide. Her dead body is resurrected by the scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter [Willem Dafoe] by transplanting the brain of her unborn child to her head. He gives the woman the name Bella Baxter. It is quite funny to follow Bella as her new brain has to relearn everything in life. She is born with no memories and without any boundaries and moral constraints. 

The dark humor is what the movie does best when it deals with awkward, bizarre and grotesque situations. It is also a very sexual movie and it is basically soft porn as Bella explores her insatiable lust for sex. Emma Stone does an excellent job as Bella as she grows from a woman with a baby brain to a smart and independent woman with a much more mature brain.

The movie's problems are that it is quite arty-farty and much too long, and it it often not as funny as it should and could be. Especially Bella's adventures with her lover Duncan Wedderburn [Mark Ruffalo] and also the countless sex scenes in Paris get really boring. I doubt there will be much replay value in the movie.

It is not really a movie for my taste. I wanted to like it more but I was just not that happy with it. Emma Stone's excellent performance can't compensate for the arty-farty look and feel and the slow pacing of a movie that should have been much tighter, shorter and more to the point.

Rating: 3

Movie Title: Poor Things

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

First Release: 2023

This Release: 2024

Movie Genre: Comedy

RunTime: 141

Actors: Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo, Ramy Youssef

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2024-01-20 21:04

Created: 2024-01-20 20:54

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