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Nokia N95 - Tips and useful links for your phone - Part 4 [Tech Comment]

Nokia N95 - Tips and useful links for your phone - Part 4
Here's my latest list of essential links and stuff for the N95:

Nokia 95 Dedicated Bike Mount From Herbert Richter: Link

Totally cool bike mount especially made for the N95 that fits onto your bike. I've used it on many rides on my MTB even in rough terrain and it is very cool to have the Nokia Sports Tracker running right in front of you as well as the music player.

Nokia Sports Tracker: Download

The sports tracker program is getting better all the time and especially the upload feature is really cool making it possible for you to compare new and previous rides on the website.

Location Tagger: Download

Location Tagger that will add GPS location values to the pictures taken by the camera. It will probably be included in a future firmware update and personally I take a lot of pictures indoor and find it of limited use. But other people may find it useful.

Handy Taskman: Download

Great program that replaces the N95 taskmanager (selection between open programs) with a much better version with many more options and also displays available memory. Downside is that is costs some money.

Nokia Share Online 3.0: Download

Download the new Share Online 3.0 application and you can easily share your pictures on Flickr and Ovi. It is possible to scale the images automatically to "medium" or "small". But beware of a bug: "medium" doesn't keep the aspect ratio on portrait images. "Small" however works fine. Small is appx. 640x480 on a landscape photo.

Nokia Maps 2.0: Download

I have never seen the N95 as useful for car navigation but with this new Maps version it is very useful for walk navigation. The interface is way better and the walk navigation is very fairly priced. Only annoyance is that if you use it while riding a bike it will cut off if you go faster than 30 KMH which sucks major ass.

BeatEd: Download

Superbly done drum machine for the N95. It is even freeware and comes with lots of drum kits to choose from. Highly recommended.

Run MAME games on your N95: Download

This program makes it possible to run many of your MAME games on the N95. Just place any ROM files that you may have in the Mame/Roms directory on either the C(phone) or E(memory card) drive. I didn't have to convert the ROMs in any way to make it work. It is a bit slow especially on "heavier" games, so don't expect too much. But if you tweak the settings a bit it can be made to run fine with many simple games. E.g. "1942" runs perfectly fine with settings: screen-normal, sound-off, frameskip-4, autoframe-7, throttle-on. Only major annoyance is that your key remappings ain't saved between games.

RotateMe: Download

Application that uses the built-in accelorameter to flip the screen between portrait and landscape mode when you change the position of the phone. It is not exactly perfect yet, but it is still a beta version. It very much needs some option to control exactly which programs it should be running with: e.g. gallery, browser and video player. Perhaps a similar feature will be included in the next N95 firmware version.

Chinese Program Signing: Link

The official Symbian site for self-signing of applications has long been a major pain in the ass, so if you want an alternative then read this guide. It is not as difficult as it may look at first, and it works very fine for self-signing any application for your phone.

N-Gage: Download

The Nokia N-Gage gaming site is now in full action and more games are being added all the time. I'm still waiting for the Worms game to be released but many other games are already there.

N95 Best Tips And Tricks: Link

This blog contains several pages with very essential and cool tips, tricks and downloads for your N95. Basically all you need to know to be even happier. You better check it out!

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