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Nokia N95 - Tips and useful links for your phone - Part 3 [Tech Comment]

Nokia N95 - Tips and useful links for your phone - Part 3
The new Nokia N95 firmware version has been released and you better go get it NOW! It fixes all of the shitty mess Nokia introduced with the previous version (especially the problems with the unreliable cache and the music player.)

The new version updates and fixes a lot of things (see link below) and also a very important thing not mentioned by Nokia. It finally makes the built-in GPS work, so you actually can use it. Now it finds a satellite lock in typically 15 seconds, and that is way way better than before.

The new version actually is the first firmware version that makes the N95 perfect. It now is the cool phone it has had the potential to be from the beginning. A bit of a shame it took so long, but better late than never. Bravo Nokia! Great job!

Firm-Ware updates:


Nokia pc suite

Nokia software update

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