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Nokia N95 - Tips and useful links for your phone - Part 2 [Tech Comment]

Nokia N95 - Tips and useful links for your phone - Part 2
Nokia Maps Update: Download

Update for the Maps application adding a GPS status indicator and other features. Won't improve the slowness of getting a GPS lock but the user-interface looks a bit better.

Conversation - Beta: Download

Bloody cool extension of the Messages interface. Excellent for people who sends a lot of text messages(SMS). It provides a way better way of handling conversations ordered by contact and date. I simply love it. You just got to try this one!

Device Status - Beta: Download

This application can give you an overview of status and settings for your N95. It Includes both a PC and Phone application that communicates with each other. A nice little thing.

Windows Live(Messenger):

Use the built-in "Download!" phone feature to download Windows Live(Messenger). So far it is free but they may change their mind about that in the future. I haven't really figured out exactly how heavy this application is in terms of data traffic...

The Slider:

If your slider pisses you off because it is loose and clicks - then use the warranty and get it replaced with a new one. It seems that a fair amount of the first N95s had slider problems. I just had it replaced and now it slides like a dream. No clicks at all. Hopefully it will last for a long time.

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