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Nokia N95 [Tech Comment]

Nokia N95
Nokia N95 - the ultimate phone and toy. I've only had it for a week now and I haven't fully experienced it to it's wildest potential. However I've seen and played enough to write a short review.

The good:

  • The camera produces fantastic photos (5 megapixel, Carl Zeiss, autofocus) and although a bit slow it is well good enough to replace your pocket camera. The flash is good enough to handle many situations and video in 640x480 ain't bad at all.
  • The music player sounds and works great and is extremely user friendly (playlists etc.)
  • The GPS and maps are really cool and I bet they can be very useful if you are in a foreign city and not really sure where you are or where to go.
  • The phone is incredibly easy to use and very intuitive. Setup is a joy and completely automatic. And seriously, you will never use the manual if you have just a faint knowledge of the S60 user interface.
  • I've tried 2 games: "Snakes"(included) and "KRally". They both look stunning and are really cool to play.
  • I haven't really used the (visual)radio yet but the setup of radiostations works completely automatic. Brilliant.
  • Video playback looks fantastic. It can even be played back on your tv using the included cable. I'm still struggling a bit with MP4 but I guess I'll figure it out soon.
  • The phone is actually smaller than you would expect when you look at the specs and it fits in nicely in your pocket. The weight is also very low.
  • WLAN connection is as easy as it gets and the browser works very nicely. Surfing is a joy. Also the speed is really fast and it takes no time at all to download and render a webpage.
  • Notification of new emails works perfectly and so does the writing of textmessages(SMS) etc.
  • The phone and the menus are really fast and only really heavy functionality like the camera and image/video browsing slows it a bit down.

The not so good:

  • The minijack for headphones is placed on the side of the phone and would have been better on top.
  • The slider mechanism moves a bit too easily (in your pocket). The camera slider also moves a bit too easily.
  • The multimedia keys are pretty much unnecessary.
  • Battery time could be better (but only GPS drains it really fast.) Don't be surprised if you need to charge it every day.
  • The phone feels a bit like a plastic toy although the finish is not bad at all.
  • Connecting to GPS is slow (it takes at least a minute to connect.)
  • The 2 menu keys are placed a bit too close to the navigation keys and that can be annoying if you hit them in the middle of a game.

Is it cool enough then?

Although it certainly is rather expensive this is a complete motherfucker of a phone. It can handle almost anything you can think of in a phone. You may however need an extra battery because it is impossible to keep your hands off this phone and to stop using all of the fantastic features it boosts. If you want the ultimate toy you'll need a Nokia N95.

Rating: 6

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Language: EN

Updated: 2007-04-27 12:28

Created: 2007-04-17 20:33

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