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Nitzer Ebb @ Rust, Copenhagen, 2006-10-29 [Concert Review]

Nitzer Ebb - Rust - Copenhagen - 2006-10-29

I've been waiting almost 20 years for this one, my very 1st Ebb live gig. Was it worth it then? Was it really the ultimate electro hard-core experience? Hmmm... Not really... to be honest. I've recently enjoyed somewhat better semi-electro live gigs by Sputnik 2 (Martin Degville and boys) and Cantankerous.

However! It was still pretty good. Aggressive just as expected. The singer sounding absolutely and completely like on the dearly treasured recordings. Lots of energy and a fairly lively crowd even for a Sunday evening in Copenhagen (and mark my words: that doesn't happen very often, Denmark is usually 100% dead on Sunday evenings.)

The current bandmembers are: Douglas McCarthey, Vaughn "Bon" Harris, and Kourtney Klein. The percussionists weren't always that convincing behind their kits. I've seen and heard better than that. A few times you weren't even certain if it was live or Memorex... But you can't deny the energy that is put into it, and McCarthey did a great job as frontman.

All in all, I'm glad I was there, but it still didn't exactly knock me off my feet.

A last comment: I think it could have exploded at Pumpehuset or (lille) Vega. Way too many (dedicated) fans for Rust to handle...

Rating: 4

Band: Nitzer Ebb

Venue: Rust, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2006-10-29


Getting Closer, Let Your Body Learn, Shame, Hearts & Minds, Captivate, Godhead, Blood Money, For Fun, Ascend, Lightning Man, Control, Murderous, Join in the Chant, Fun to be Had.

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