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Nine Inch Nails - "Not The Actual Events", EP, [2016] [Record Review]

Nine Inch Nails : "Not The Actual Events", EP

Trent Reznor has a brand new Nine Inch Nails EP out. Here are my thoughts after a few days in it's company.

Total playtime: 21:09

"Soon" to be available on one-sided vinyl and some other weirdo physical format? And of course digitally as wave or whatever digital format you desire, true Trent style.

"Branches/Bones." 1:46

Less than 2 minutes. Great "Year Zero"[2007] style aggression. I like it very mucho, but it is way too short. "Feels like I've been here before. Yeah, I don't know anymore"

"Dear World,." 4:06

Trent whispering his way across some electro rhythm. The sound is like the "Hesitation Marks"[2013] album, but the melody and vocal is more like "Year Zero"[2007]. Not bad at all.

"She's Gone Away." 5:59

Heavy rhythm and distortion. Not far from a "The Fragile"[1999] album sound. Sounds desperate. A desperate Trent is the best Trent. I really like the way this one pounds it's way thru. Slow, steady, desperate and heavy.

"The Idea Of You." 3:27

Back to the electro drums. Faster. Whispering again. Sounds very "Year Zero"[2007]. Repetitive and simple - until it explodes in shorts bursts of aggression. Cornholio indeedio. Pikata for my bunghole!

"Burning Bright (Field On Fire)." 5:49

A slow distorted and heavy one. With a hope to "break through the surface and breathe, breathe, breathe", but it seems hard to do. My least favorite on the EP perhaps, because one track had to have the honor.

To sum it up:

  • - A NIN fan? Go get it.
  • - Not a NIN fan? There are much better ways to enter the maze.

Where to buy it: (along with a lot of other great NIN albums)

Rating: 4

Band: Nine Inch Nails

Record Title: Not The Actual Events

This Release: 2016

Record Format: EP

Record Label: NIN

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2016-12-29 01:35

Created: 2016-12-29 01:00

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