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Nekromantix @ High Voltage, Copenhagen, 2016-05-20 [Concert Review]

Nekromantix @ High Voltage - Copenhagen, Live, 2016-05-20

Kim, Franc and Adam were back in town at a sold-out High Voltage venue. The shitty Danish railway company DSB couldn't prevent it, even if they tried. I should have done a review last year in 2015, when Nekromantix came back to good old Denmark on a bloody holiday for the first time in 12 years, but High Voltage has a habit of giving you a brain error, like you've been hit by a wrecking ball.

Drummer Adam Guerrero is fully integrated in the band and even if he is just as small and not as pretty as Lux, he's got a massive true swing to it. He's a great rock'n'roller and perfectly supplements guitar slinger Francisco Mesa and our one and only Kostefar on the Coffin-bass, Kim Nekroman. Last year we had a massive meet-up of former Nekromantix bandmembers on the stage. Every musician in Copenhagen has played in Nekromantix at one time or another, but no sing-alongs this year. Some of the old guys were in the house, but this year the band kept it strictly as a trio.

The setlist was no big surprise, if it ain't broken don't fix it, seems to be the plan. No new songs to rock out to, but a great ride thru history from 1989's "Hellbound" up to 2011's "What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell". A new album should be ready for release around Halloween though. So hold your breath, unless you are dead and don't have one.

What can I say about Nekromantix live? Well, they are still kicking ass. They still sound great live. Kim is still the fastest machine gun killer on the double bass and he's got the best psychobilly tunes. For a grumpy old man, he's got some funny comments for the crowd too. Nekromantix will never become as popular as Danish darlings Gasolin', never as popular as cow rockers D-A-D, and thankfully never as boring as Volbeat. Nekromantix are mostly for the dedicated rockabillies male/female, but they are the best of the lot, as a sold-out venue made perfectly clear. Mad Sin may have more tricks and shit on stage, but Nekromantix are simply the best. Nekrotastic indeed.

I shot the full concert on video, and I'll upload more videos later, so make sure to visit my YouTube channel. Some of it might be a bit shaky at times, some people just can't seem to control themselves when the coffin-bass rocks the house. :)

Rating: 5

Band: Nekromantix

Venue: High Voltage, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2016-05-20

Support Band: The Nevrotix


Nice Day For A Resurrection, Night Nurse, Alice In Psycholand, Brain Error, Demons are a Girl's Best Friend, Driller Killer, NekroTastic Extasy, Struck by a Wrecking Ball, Gargoyles Over Copenhagen, Subcultural Girl, Devil Smile, Nekrofelia, Sea Of Red, Bloody Holiday, Horny In A Hearse, Alive, Haunted Cathouse, Who Killed The Cheerleader?

Ticket Price (DKK): 270

Ticket Provider: Billetto

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Updated: 2016-05-21 13:44

Created: 2016-05-21 13:20

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