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Motörhead @ Vega, Copenhagen, 2007-12-04 [Concert Review]

Motörhead - Vega - Copenhagen, Denmark - 2007-12-04 - Live


So you bastards thought that I could/would only throw 5 or 6 ninja stars at Motörhead's performances? Well, I would any day!

If only they didn't play at the shitty wanker - we do as we are told - suck my ass - place - known as Vega - who are the true pussy shit fuckers.

Sorry, but I can't review the concert... Only the fucked up wanker place now known as the SHITHOLE - or is it Vega?

- I thought that preventing bands from playing LOUD was made in Sweden?????

- I thought that the fucked up new EU 85 dB shit law was only effective from February 2008? And I'm rather shocked to hear Motörhead being the first band slaughtered by this crap bureaucratic EU bullshit.

Drinking alcohol is somehow still allowed inside the "holy" building of the wanker fuckers known as Vega (closely releated to the fucker wankers of Roskilde Festival's bookers.) But probably not for long, before those righteous fucks decide on another prohibition... Or how about forcing people to sit down during the concerts. Just a suggestion that you may like. Very rock'n'roll. Not.

Playing loud is now a thing you just don't do at Vega, meaning insane stuff like this:

- Motörhead at a level where you can talk to the fucker next to you?

- Motörhead at a level where the accoustic set sounded louder than "Ace Of Spades"?

- Motörhead where you can leave the concert without an insane ringing sound in your ears after "Overkill"?

I order all flesh eating zombies and Lemmy lovers to feast on them fucking Vega wankers. Congratz! You've just fucked up the concert of the year. Just right out of being fucking wankers. FUCKING BASTARD VEGA ASSHOLES, YOU!.

I hope your precious Vega ears will implode. (or at least fall of, you fuckers.) If you don't take a stand wankers, then Denmark will become Sweden in just a few years time. And is that really what you want, you FUCKS?!?

Sorry Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey. I love you guys. You are the ultimate rock'n'roll band. It's just that a Motörhead gig without insane volume is just not a Motörhead gig. And that is a fact. MURDER ONE *** We miss you... :(

Rating: 3

Band: Motörhead

Venue: Vega, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2007-12-04


  • ”Dr. Rock”,
  • ”Stay Clean”,
  • “Be My Baby”,
  • “Killers”,
  • “Metropolis”,
  • “Over The Top”,
  • “One Night Stand”,
  • “I Got Mine”,
  • “Born To Raise Hell”,
  • “Sword Of Glory”,
  • “Rosalie”,
  • “In The Name Of Tragedy”,
  • “Just ‘Cos You Got The Power”,
  • “Going To Brazil”,
  • “Killed By Death”,
  • “Iron Fist”,
  • “Whorehouse Blues”,
  • “Ace Of Spades”,
  • “Overkill”.

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