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Motörhead - "Motörizer", LP, [2008] [Record Review]

Motörhead - Motörizer

It took me a bit longer to get into this new album than it did with the previous one Kiss Of Death (2006) that was an absolutely excellent album. However once it hit the 5th or 6th replay in my player it started to open up. What you will notice is that the guitarwork from Phil Cambell is absolutely stunning throughout the entire album.

First song Runaround Man is one of those typical Motörhead up tempo tracks that you just gotta love. Also it has a damn cool break in it. Perfect opener for any album. Teach You How To Sing The Blues and When The Eagle Screams are solid tracks. Rock Out with the fantastic line "Rock Out, With Your Cock Out" (LOL) has clear single potential. It's got that Ace of Spades / We Are Motörhead beat to it.

I'm not too happy with English Rose. It sounds like something we have heard a few times too many from Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey. It started to bore me to death first time I heard it. Back On The Chain is perhaps the best track on the album. It is insanely melodic and it freakin' rocks it's way from your speakers and into your brain. The Time Is Right has a totally cool mix with superb guitar from Phil. The Thousand Names Of God is a brilliant closer and the chorus "No! You Cannot Kill The Time" has corrupted my mind and won't leave it again.

With only a few songs that are not up to standard this is a very good Motörhead album. You may have to listen to it several times to realize just how great it really is, but once you do - it will reward you big time.

Rating: 5

Band: Motörhead

Record Title: Motörizer

This Release: 2008

Record Format: LP

Record Label: SPV

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2008-09-09 20:56

Created: 2008-09-06 22:01

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