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Motörhead - "Iron Fist (40th Anniversary Master)", CD, [2022] [Record Review]

Motörhead - "Iron Fist (40th Anniversary Master)", CD, [2022]

Did we really need a new version of "Iron Fist" just because it is the album's 40th anniversary?

I've had the original LP and the 2005 remastered version with the live recording 'Toronto - Maple Leaf Gardens, 1982' on the 2nd disc for ages. The sound of that live recording isn't very good. It sounds like soundboard to a bad tape.

How about the new one then, the so-called 40th Anniversary Master? Well, the main album sounds fine. Nothing to worry about, but so did the old versions. The live recording from 'Glasgow - Apollo, 1982' then? Well, it sounds even worse than the old Toronto live recording. Soundboard to an even crappier tape.

What the fuck? Should I not buy it then? Hmmm... maybe. If you are a super fan. It actually has more to offer. Pay attention to the "Jackson's, Morgan & Ramport Studios Demos". It is 12 demo tracks. Some or all may have been released before in some form or another, but I totally love to hear them here. I would have loved an LP/CD with only these tracks on. They are demos, yes, but the sound is excellent and it is fucking awesome to hear Lemmy sing his way through the hilarious "The Doctor" (an earlier version of a favorite of mine, "I'm The Doctor".) It is equally great to hear Lemmy's brilliant bass playing on some of these demo songs. Lemmy was a way better bass guitarist than most people know. You can't really blame them though. After the first song at pre-2007* Motörhead gigs you couldn't hear shit. You were practically deaf and just stood there smiling like a deaf motherfucker. Still, the fact is he played some really cool bass-lines and these demos are a way to hear it more clearly.

The CD package features a booklet with many pages. I need an ant to read the letters loud for me though. Nobody cares to read the tiny shit in CD booklets. That would be a reason to buy the LP box to get the text in greater resolution. That's gonna be a nope for me though. The people running the Motörhead Estate are flogging a dead horse and there are limits to how much I'll be riding that horse of theirs.

*around 2007 the EU fucked up everything and forced all venues to turn down the volume at live gigs. FUCK THE EU COMMIES !!! 

Included in the new 2CD version:

  • Original album + "Remember Me, I'm Gone" (single b-side)
  • Jackson's, Morgan & Ramport Studios Demos - October 1981 To February 1982 (12 songs)
  • Live At Glasgow Apollo - 18th March 1982 (19 songs)
  • Booklet

Rating: 3

Band: Motörhead

Record Title: Iron Fist (40th Anniversary Master)

First Release: 1982

This Release: 2022

Record Format: CD

Record Label: BMG

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2022-09-30 20:02

Created: 2022-09-30 19:47

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