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Motörhead - "Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic", 2CD, [2023] [Record Review]

Motörhead - "Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic", 2CD, [2023]

Motörhead released their last album "Bad Magic" in 2015. It was a fine album all things considered - in particular Lemmy's health issues at the time. We all know Lemmy died later that year and Rock 'n Röll will never recover from the loss. Now it's 2023 and apparently it's time to grab some more money from the fans by re-releasing the same album with a few additional tracks added.


This new version includes 1 bonus track and 2 previously released tracks: "Heroes", "Bullet In Your Brain", "Greedy Bastards". This makes some sense on the CD, but on the LP it really doesn't because that turns the original 1LP UDR release into a 2LP release with too few songs on each side. 

  • "Heroes" is the David Bowie cover already found on the "Under Cöver" album from 2017.
  • "Bullet In Your Brain" sounds and fits in well with the rest of the original album, it's a typical late Motörhead tune
  • "Greedy Bastards" begins with spoken words by Lemmy. It's a fine song with Lemmy reflecting on how the World is being run by greedy bastards and cunts, it's hard to disagree with him. Silver Lining, we are looking at you!

My advice is to keep your original LP/CD and "find a way" to get the 2 new tracks as a digital download. You will of course miss out on getting a fucking Motörhead branded ouija board if you skip the boxset, but maybe you can spend the money better on JD and Coke.


The 2nd CD is a live recording from Mt. Fuji Festival 2015. It is a fucking joke of an audience recording. How low are those greedy bastards at Silver Lining willing to sink? What's next? A secret recording of Lemmy taking a dumb on a backstage toilet? This recording sounds fucking horrible. It is a well know fact that Lemmy couldn't sing and barely play live in 2015. There is however no fucking excuse to release a shitty audience recording. Official live recordings should be soundboard, audience recordings are something fans exchange for free on the internet.

Oh, there was a read error on the last song of the disc when I tried to rip it. You know what? I don't give a fuck, because there is no way in hell I'm ever gonna listen to this low quality recording again. Fuck you, Silver Lining! Use your own ouija board and do us all a favor and get dragged back and rot in Hell.

Rating: 1

Band: Motörhead

Record Title: Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic

First Release: 2015

This Release: 2023

Record Format: CD

Record Label: Silver Lining

Extra Info:

  • CD has booklet with all lyrics
  • Boxset has a fucking ouija board + interview 12" vinyl

This review only deals with the re-release on Silver Lining. If you want to read my original review of the UDR release of "Bad Magic" then go here!


CD1 - Bad Magic + bonus :

  • Victory Or Die
  • Thunder & Lightning
  • Fire Storm Hotel
  • Shoot Out All Of Your Lights
  • The Devil
  • Electricity
  • Evil Eye
  • Teach Them How To Bleed
  • Till The End
  • Tell Me Who To Kill
  • Choking On Your Screams
  • When The Sky Comes Looking For You
  • Sympathy For The Devil
  • Heroes (bonus)
  • Bullet In Your Brain (previously unreleased)
  • Greedy Bastards (previously unreleased)

CD2 - Mt. Fuji Festival 2015 (live):

  • We Are Motörhead
  • Damage Case
  • Stay Clean
  • Metropolis
  • Over The Top
  • String Theory
  • The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
  • Rock It
  • Lost Woman Blues
  • Doctor Rock
  • Juts 'Cos You Got The Power
  • Going To Brazil
  • Ace Of Spades
  • Overkill

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