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More shitty movies top 3 (to be avoided at all costs) [Movie Review]

More shitty movies top 3 (to be avoided at all costs)

This is my current list of movies that made me shake my head in wonder and yell nasty comments at my tv set or more often almost made me fall asleep. I'm sure it won't be long until I bump into more shitty movies...

Silent Hill (2006):

Very annoying movie with a story that makes close to no sense at all and a screaming mother and a screaming daughter as some of the main characters. Add to that a bunch of insane religious morons and some monsters that looks like something the cat has dragged in. I mean, that pyramidhead figure looks like a fucking joke. The movie is based on a computer game that I have never played and certainly never will after watching this mess. I would probably fall asleep after 10 minutes of gameplay. I guess this could be a horrormovie for women? I'm not sure what it is really. But I'm very sure that it wasn't a movie for me, although I'll admit that some of the scenes looked interesting from a technical point of view.

30 Days Of Night (2007):

This is based on what many call a very brilliant graphic novel, and if they are right it should be a good reason to see this flick. Unfortunately it is a movie filled with so many awful actors doing so many stupid things, saying so many ridiculous lines, and acting so incredibly awful that you are left with 2 options: 1) turn off the movie (probably the best solution, if you ask me) or 2) keep watching and cheer for the vampires to kill all those morons as fast as possible. The vampires are pretty great and the arctic town looks cool enough in the dark. But there is no way - come hell and billions of hungry vampires - that it can compensate for that bunch of stupid civilians living in this city. Oh, and I hated the ending as well.

Halloween (2007):

Yet another remake. Yawn. To be honest, I can't remember much of the original John Carpenter movie but one thing is for sure: it has to be a lot better than this Rob Zombie remake. Well you get to see a lot of young naked girls. Sheri Moon Zombie is good as the young white trash mother, and some of the action scenes are not bad at all. But a trend in recent remakes seems to be that the audience are supposedly very interested in learning a lot about the background of legendary movie monsters, but no, really I'm not. It kills the legend and demystifies the monster. Add to that a much too long movie with way too little action, a completely predictable story (even if you haven't seen the original) and you have a pretty bad film. I really liked "House of 1000 corpses" and "The devil's rejects" but this Rob Zombie movie is mainly garbage.

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