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More shitty movies (to be avoided at all costs) [Movie Review]

More shitty movies(to be avoided at all costs)

This is a couple of movies that made me shake my head in wonder and yell nasty comments at my tv set or more often almost made me fall asleep. I'm sure it won't be long until I bump into more shitty movies...

Transformers (2007):

I should have seen it coming right at me, and in fact I did. I avoided this movie in the cinemas, since I knew that Michael Bay couldn't make a good movie (with the exception of "The Island"[2005]) even with a gun pointed to his head. It's all about explosions, action and not even the slightest plot or story. Explosions are awesome, but without a story it just doesn't work and especially not if it is going on for more than 2 hours. The robots look very real but they don't have the slightest personality and we don't care what the fuck may happen to them or why. We don't care about the characters either, because they have no personalities either and most of them are either without talent or just horrible. Only exception is Megan Fox who is pretty freakin' hot. The rest of the actors, the robots and the director can go and blow themselves up for all I care. The sooner the better.

Sunshine (2007):

So this should be a somewhat clever sci-fi I heard. Was I dissapointed or what? It is skipping so the scenes are barely connected, it is often impossible to determine where the hell the action is going on, be it spacecraft a or b or somewhere else, the actors suck, the characters behave incredibly unrealistic for trained astronauts, the story goes from rather boring to a complete mess that makes no sense whatsoever and leaves you more pissed off than you even thought possible. Pissed off from wasting your time watching this shit movie. I think director Danny Boyle should stick to zombie movies, since he didn't fuck those up half as much as he did with this garbage. Clever sci-fi, my ass.

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