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Moondogg - "Coming Through The Rye", Download, [2007] [Record Review]

Moondogg - Coming Through The Rye

Moondogg - Coming Through The Rye

This is the "lost" album that is the transition album of Westworld to Moondogg. It has now finally been released as a digital download many years later. It was recorded after Westworld had split up but before Moondogg's 1996 album "Fat Lot Of Good".

It sounds both like Westworld and Moondogg at the same time. Actually I think it sounds most like Westworld leaning a bit towards the sound from the 1991 album "Movers and Shakers". If you like Westworld then you will love this album. Not all of it is excellent but most of it is. It has got lots of great guitars by Bob "Derwood" Andrews and many of the songs are rather rock oriented. Obviously Elizabeth Westwood's distinct vocal is present on most of the songs, except for "River Runs Dry" where Derwood takes over.

My favorite tunes are "Coming Through The Rye", "Gold In The Hills", "Speedmaster mk11", "Earth Loop", "River Runs Dry" and "Fuck You". There's only a few songs "Bad Moon Rising" and "Girl Blues" that I don't care that much for.

This is a damn great album that should have seen the light of day much earlier. If you are a Westworld and/or Moondogg fan and you want to know how the transition took place then you better start downloading asap.

Moondogg - Like There's No Tomorrow

Also released is a Moondogg b-sides album called "Like There's No Tomorrow" containing b-sides, outtakes and remixes. It will be quite interesting for fans of Moondogg. Songs like "Dancing Fool", "Red Dog" and "Like An Angel" would have fit right into any Moondogg album and the Stooges cover "Be Your Dog" is great.

Westworld - Live

Finally don't forget the Westworld Live album, recorded live at Portsmouth in England on 22nd December 1987. Taped directly from the soundboard. It is an old recording and there's an amount of tape hiss but it still sounds great and makes you wish you'd actually been there back then.

All 3 albums can be downloaded from Bob "Derwood" Andrews's Myspace page via SnoCap.

Rating: 4

Band: Moondogg

Record Title: Coming Through The Rye

This Release: 2007

Record Format: Download

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

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Created: 2007-11-13 19:01

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