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Mogens Glistrup is dead [Random Comment]

Mogens Glistrup is dead

Mogens Glistrup died Tuesday 2008-07-01. Glistrup will be remembered for his very provoking statements, and his insanely entertaining way of communicating. He could shut up his opponents (and any tv reporter as well) with clever dialogue and tons of documentation like no one has ever mastered since.

He may have been balancing on the narrow edge between genius and madman, but boring he never was. Many of his ideas doesn't sound stupid today. Especially his ideas about eliminating most of the insane income taxes found in Denmark seems more correct than ever before.

Mogens Glistrup was a man that wasn't afraid to have his own ideas, and he didn't lie and talk bullshit like the usual politician did back then, and more than anything does today. Today it is absolutely impossible to get a politician to say what he really feels about anything that hasn't been thru the spin department.

Rest in peace, Mogens. We will remember you.

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