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Miley Cyrus @ Tinderbox Festival, Odense, 2019-06-27 [Concert Review]

Miley Cyrus - Tinderbox Festival, Live, Odense 2019-06-28

This was my first Miley gig ever. I like her 2 latest full length albums a lot ("Dead Petz" and "Younger Now"). I like her new EP "She Is Coming" a little less. From the setlist that seems rather fixed for this European festival tour, it could easily be predicted that it would be a party-focused set. It was.

It began really well with "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" and "Mother's Daughter". Both great new songs and the crowd liked what they heard.

"Hallelujah, I'm a witch, I'm a witch, hallelujah
Swish swish, I'm a three-point shooter, I blow through ya
Like a hot wind out in the bayou, ya"

Next one "Unholy" also got the most dedicated fans singing along.

"I'm a little bit unholy
So what, so is everyone else"

"Cattitude" made the problems with her new EP clear. The EP is a mixed bag and this song is not worthy live material. It's hardly a song. White girls can't rap? Well, Miley is too good a singer, so she shouldn't even try. She made up for it with a sexy freak show dance, but seriously, enough with this rap shit, mkay?

The rest of the set was better, even though "Malibu" was a weaker remix version compared to the album version and "Jolene" was a rushed up-tempo dance version. The last 3 songs were a fine end to this rather short concert where Miley Cyrus only entertained us for about 50 minutes. We definitely saw her great talent and heard her fantastic voice, and we saw how charismatic she is on stage.

When the songs are strong enough she is amazing, but she should really be more daring and selective when creating a setlist. She has such a great potential, why not unleash it fully? I'd pay a lot for a no bullshit, no voice effects tour with focus on her fantastic voice and her strongest songs. But please leave the effects and rap shit at home next time, please.

I could say that she should leave her political speeches at home too, but that will never happen, and even though I don't agree a lot with her, it's easy to see and hear that she gets her energy and drive from those rants, and a pissed off artist is always much better than a satisfied one. So rant along all you want, Miley.

It could have been a lot more than it was, but all in all it was a nice little festival gig, and I'm glad I made this trip to Odense's Tinderbox Festival, also a first time for me.

Rating: 4

Band: Miley Cyrus

Venue: Tinderbox Festival, Odense, DK

Concert Date: 2019-06-27


  • Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,
  • Mother's Daughter,
  • Unholy,
  • D.R.E.A.M.,
  • Cattitude,
  • We Can't Stop,
  • Party Up the Street,
  • Malibu [Gigamesh Remix],
  • Jolene,
  • Party in the U.S.A.


  • Can't Be Tamed,
  • Wrecking Ball.

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