KP says

Martin Degville - G.O.D (guns oil drugs)

The newest output from Martin Degville front man of Sigue Sigue Sputnik is available on his website The album is a collection of 12 new, previously unreleased tracks and it comes on a cd-r with color printed inlay and disc. The album is not studio mastered but it sounds fine.

Not all of the songs are exactly excellent but several of them are fine additions to the Degville universe and it has trademark Degville vocals, Sputnik synth rhythms and even guitar on several tracks.

Best songs in my opinion is the title track that really rocks in a cool way, Stella with lots of voice FX and I'm going to the disko-tek which has a very weird production, but I love it anyway. Last (bonus) track Devil May Care is a remix of the Smart1 2004 track Don't Dabble With The Devil.

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