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Marilyn Manson - "Heaven Upside Down", Download, [2017] [Record Review]

Marilyn Manson : "Heaven Upside Down"

I am still waiting for any physical representations of "Heaven Upside Down" on CD or LP. I have spent enough time with the digital files already to make up my mind though. The new album from Mr. Manson is probably the weakest of his latest 5 albums. They can be rated something like this:

  • The High End of Low [2009]
  • Born Villain [2012]
  • Eat Me, Drink Me [2007]
  • The Pale Emperor [2015]
  • Heaven Upside Down [2017]


It's like he has run out of melodies, new chants (apart from the usual "God is a cunt and Satan is hanging out with me, snorting cocaine and banging hoes.") It's not like I wouldn't like to join the party... it just doesn't really work very well on this album. The new drum beats or rhythms aren't on top either.

"So what's a nice place like this
Doing 'round people like us?""

It's not bad though. There's some nice stun guitar on it. Also obviously, some of the semi-reused, half-baked Manson chants are somewhat effective, and who doesn't like hoes and cocaine and pissing in God's face?!

"Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
I love you enough to ask you again
Would you kill, kill, kill for me?"

I like that one, "KILL4ME". Finally something that works. A true Manson song. Anyway, this album is not a highlight in Manson history, but I guess that is okay. He has been consistent on albums for many years now. The next one will be better, I hope. See you next time or at the next Danish gig - on The North Pole.

Rating: 3

Band: Marilyn Manson

Record Title: Heaven Upside Down

This Release: 2017

Record Format: Download

Record Label: Caroline

Content Type: Record Review

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