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Machine Head - "Machine F**king Head Live", CD, [2012] [Record Review]

Machine Head - Machine F**king Head Live

If you only plan on buying one metal live album this weekend then Machine Fucking Head would be an excellent choice. Machine Head live gigs can sometimes get a little repetitive with all the circle pits and the constant babble from front man Robb Flynn in between the songs. You can't deny however that it is also some fucking lovely metal blasted and hammered in your face from a very skilled band. Several of the songs are even strangely beautiful in all their complexity and massive walls of aggression.

This 2 cd live album's got 15 songs on it and has a playtime of just above 100 minutes. The setlist is really great and from first song "I Am Hell" and 'til the last two epic pieces of awesomeness "Halo" and "Davidian" it is full speed ahead, destroy it all and take no prisoners. The sound quality is crystal clear and this album is perfectly suited to piss off your annoying neighbors upstairs and drown the noise of their children from Hell.

Rating: 5

Band: Machine Head

Record Title: Machine F**king Head Live

This Release: 2012

Record Format: CD

Record Label: Roadrunner

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

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Created: 2013-02-09 18:28

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