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Machine Head @ KB-Hallen, Copenhagen, 2007-12-10 [Concert Review]

The Black Crusade  - KB-hallen - Denmark - 2007-12-10 - Live


Machine Head, Trivium, Dragonforce, Arch Enemy and Shadows Fall.

The Black Crusade tour is what we here in Denmark call "en blandet landhandel" but let's just call it a mixed bag for now.

The first band Shadows Fall already hit the stage at 18:00 and I was enjoying my dinner back at home so I didn't see them.

The second band was Arch Enemy. They actually did really well and the crowd seemed to enjoy their death metal. Angela Gossow is perhaps the only female vocalist I've seen and heard in the metal world that I didn't dislike. One thing is that she looks good, but her voice sounds great in combination with the music. It is however heavily processed and I bet she can't sing like that without electronic help. Their gig only lasted half an hour and it was way too short compared to what they deserved and especially compared to the next shit band entering the stage.

The third band on stage was a big joke named Dragonforce. From the intro music you pretty much got the impression that they didn't take themselves very seriously. And trust me, there is absolutely no reason to do so. The band looked like some very gay men. The über gay singer sang with a very annoying high pitched voice and the music was very speedy power metal that made you wish you had been born without ears. The greatest moment was when their ridiculous keyboard player managed to unplug his keyboard and needed help from 2 engineers to make it work again. The worst moment was pretty much everything else at their gig. This has to be one of the stupidest "heavy" bands I've ever witnessed. I completely fail to understand why they were booked for the Black Crusade tour. Actually I don't think anybody deserves to ever witness this band. Is is impossible to understand why so skilled musicians choose to play and act like they do.

Band number four was Trivium. I saw them in Pumpehuset in May and I wasn't that impressed back then. KB-hallen was however a different story. They really played a great set with lots of energy and great metal. I'm not really a big fan of their music that seems to lack great melodies but compensates with lots of power, speed and great musicianship. But I actually enjoyed their show at KB-hallen and after having reached an all-time low watching Dragonforce it was fantastic hearing Trivium kicking the party right back in our faces.

Fifth and last band of the evening was Machine Head. I saw them at Roskilde Festival this summer and I've enjoyed listening to their "The Blackening" album for many months now. Machine Head is all you need in a metal band. A great front man Robb Flynn, great melodies and all the instrumental skills and power you could wish for. Guitarist Phil Demmel has had to abandon the tour because of the death of his father. Guitarists from the other bands on this tour took his place and made sure that Machine Head could still kick ass without Demmel. Actually it didn't ruin much and I think they pulled off a great gig. It wasn't quite as great as their Roskilde gig but it was well good enough. From the first kick in the face "Clenching the Fists of Dissent", the ultra excellent "Halo", a great "Aesthetics of Hate" and not to forget "Davidian". Machine FUCKIN' Head is a great live band!

The sound quality in KB-hallen was really great and it seems that KB-hallen is now becoming my favourite concert venue in Copenhagen. Vega have killed themselves preventing rock'n'roll music from being enjoyed at a rock'n'roll volume. No problems like that in KB-hallen. After having witnessed the slaughter of Motörhead by the wankers of Vega, it was a relief to hear especially the 2 main bands Trivium and Machine Head rockin' it LOUD and HEAVY, and we all loved it dearly!

Rating: 5

Band: Machine Head

Venue: KB-Hallen, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2007-12-10

Support Bands: Trivium, Arch Enemy

Content Type: Concert Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2007-12-11 17:44

Created: 2007-12-11 00:27

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