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Logitech Harmony One - Universal Remote Control [Tech Comment]

Logitech Harmony One - Universal Remote Control
I've been using this remote for some weeks now. It does a decent job, and is obviously better than having 5 or 6 individual remotes placed on your desk. The finish and general feel of the product is very good and it feels like a quality remote when you're using it. However, I'm not 100% happy with the touch screen, since I have a tendency of hitting the wrong "button" every now and then. The physical buttons are however brilliant. Battery time is excellent, and it will run for many days before you need to recharge.

The programming web interface could be improved a lot. Especially reordering the touch screen functions kinda suck, and could use a serious redesign. The web interface makes it possible to remap each and every button according to your needs and you won't have to start from scratch and teach it all functions from your old remote. Most of them can be found online and downloaded. That said, some of the online definitions are incorrect, so you'll probably have to remap/teach at least some of them.

The way devices are grouped into functions like "Watch tv" is pretty good. However the power on/off is stupidly implemented and you'll find the need to add power on/off maps for every device to the touch screen keys or else you'll end up pretty angry. Also the userfriendlyness is not exactly excellent if you choose to do 2 activities at a time (e.g. Watch tv and listen to a cd.)

All in all you can't argue that it is a lot better than using your indvidual pile of remotes, but there are some points that should be redesigned for this remote to reach it's full potential.

Rating: 4

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Updated: 2009-01-17 20:25

Created: 2009-01-08 20:52

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