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Live At Wacken 2009 (20th Anniversary) [Movie Review]

Live At Wacken 2009 (20th Anniversary) - 3 dvd

This 3 DVD release is very professionally filmed and mixed. The quality is perfect for the entire product. It is a mix of most often 1 song from each band that played at the festival and there is also some small featurettes about the Wacken festival and whatever is going on, most of them quite interesting actually. Be prepared for a SHITLOAD of seriously LOUSY German metal bands and also be prepared for some seriously bad English accents from some of the Germans. The latter is however quite some fun to listen to. I participated at this particular festival and that year's program certainly could have been better, especially since it was the 20th anniversary of the festival.

I did however enjoy revisiting Motörhead's gig (I was so wasted at the time that it was hardly a joy at the actual festival) but really I bought this DVD set for just one thing: GWAR! GWAR did and said a lot of things during their performance but the most important ones were that Bonesnapper ripped off Hillary Clinton's tits and Oderus Urungus ripped off Michael Jackson's face and did a few things to it and said the mythical words "Did you see it? I fucked him in his fucking face?!" Never have I laughed so much and so loud at a festival. And best of it all it is all to be found on this DVD set and totally uncensored (unfortunately you don't actually see Oderus fuck MJ's face as the camera is busy elsewhere.)

As a bonus for the Danes they also take the piss on Jesper Binzer of D-A-D who speaks a rather strange German that wouldn't even work in a circus. Something along the lines of "Wacken, Meine Bruder hast eine alte Guitar angenehmen! Und was bedeutet das? Eine Musik!" But damn, it was great fun listening to it at the D-A-D gig at Wacken. Apparently some shitty German band also played a revamp of D-A-D's "It's After Dark" at the festival with new Wacken lyrics and bloody hell it almost hurts to listen to it.

I also got a personal bonus as they did a record attempt for the largest end credits ever on any DVD where you could join by sending an SMS with your name and city. I'm included in the list and it takes quite a while to see it thru even if run at x60 speed.

There's a documentary from German television included on disc 3, but apart from lousy German bands and shitty German musicians it is mostly interesting for the full songs with bands like Motörhead and GWAR.

I guess this DVD set is only interesting for people who went to the W:O:A 2009. It is fun to see some of it again being sober, but people who didn't go there probably won't be that interested. I'm already looking forward to the W:O:A 2010 DVD set since this year's program was awesome, even if GWAR didn't perform.

Rating: 3

Movie Title: Live At Wacken 2009 (20th Anniversary)

This Release: 2010

Movie Genre: Concert

Movie Format: DVD

Movie Label: Wacken Records

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

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Created: 2010-08-12 12:53

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