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Lily Allen - "It's Not Me, It's You", CD, [2009] [Record Review]

Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You

I had quite high expectations for this new Lily Allen album. I really liked the debut Alright, Still from 2006 that I thought was musically enjoyable great pop music with funny and personal lyrics.

The new album begins well with Everyone's At It that is spot on and raises some very valid points about drugs and the next track The Fear is an anti celebrity lifestyle song that is quite catchy. Not Fair is directed at a boyfriend who doesn't perform well enough to satisfy miss Allen. Lyrics like "Oh I lie here in the wet patch, In the middle of the bed, I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by, I spent ages giving head" shows that Allen still likes to say things very directly. That said, most of the lyrics are seen from a young girls perspective and they seem quite naive and simple and not particularly interesting. The anti George W. Bush song Fuck You is embarrassingly naive and lame and just makes you shake your head in wonder.

Musically this album is a step down from the debut. It is sugar coated pop music and there is way too little variation. It is however very radio friendly, and there could be several hit singles among these songs. While some of the lyrics are witty they are not nearly as great as the debut. Lily has a pleasant voice, and that helps a bit to make sure it never goes completely wrong, but all in all this is an album that you will soon forget about. Her next album better be a lot more focused, if she wants to remain a person to be reckoned with in the world of pop.

If you want a bonus track, you can enter Lily's website with the cd in your computer drive and download an acoustic version of the song 22. It is however not that interesting in neither the album nor the acoustic version. Last song on the album He Wasn't There is a good song and a nice closer to an album that didn't really meet my high expectations.

Rating: 3

Band: Lily Allen

Record Title: It's Not Me, It's You

This Release: 2009

Record Format: CD

Record Label: EMI/Regal

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2009-02-14 21:20

Created: 2009-02-11 20:03

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