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Lemmy Kilmister : "Lemmy - The Movie", Bluray, [2010] [Movie Review]

Lemmy - The Movie

When you see this movie and try to fathom the fact that the cinema floor is levellin' down, then - even sometimes - 2 beers are fallin' into oblivion too (ain't got nothin' to do with their cousin - the Jäger-bastard, or the Tyller stuff going on.)

You will have to accept it in your very tiny piece of an excuse for an overloaded thingy inside your head, that you've been waitin' for this movie for 2 or 3 years. You will also have to accept that, however rock'n'roll you've ever felt inside - you're nothin' but a tiny piss-ant, compared to the mighty Lemmy in his everyday outfit of slim-fit jeans and his white cowboy-boots, walkin' down for his everyday drinks at the local LA bar.

I've said it before and I will say it again. The ordinary boring normal segment of people will never get it. Lem already captured it in a few lines, many years ago:

"I got rock 'n' roll, to save me from the cold
And if that's all there is, it ain't so bad
Rock 'n' roll"

He has never lost his wit, the humour or the sarcasm. He is an "evil" 64+ aged bastard T-Rex preferring his 19 year-old prey uncooked. It may seem a lonely hunter's life to some (at least to the ordinary bunch.) Lem, nailed it perfectly though. It is and it ain't. Self chosen and very necessary for the man who lives rock'n'roll to the extremes.

Yeah, it's only rock'n'roll. But FASTER and LÖUDER than EVERYTHING else.

The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. Well, so they say, but in the case of Mr. Kilmister, a list of clever advice for a healthy and long life combined with the known facts won't be long enough to explain real life. Lem's shorts in this movie may not be considered long enough either, if you are on the "against Speedos" team.

Lemmy is a rock'n'roll Legend and a "God" and he deserves the utmost respect for what he has done and very much still does for rock'n'roll. Rock'n'roll wouldn't have been the same today, if it wasn't for Lemmy and Motörhead.

Rating: 5

Band: Lemmy Kilmister

Movie Title: Lemmy - The Movie

Director: Greg Olliver

This Release: 2010

Movie Genre: Documentary

RunTime: 116

Movie Format: Bluray

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2010-11-06 07:44

Created: 2010-11-04 21:50

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