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Kim Wilde @ Vega, Copenhagen, 2007-02-25 [Concert Review]

Kim Wilde - Vega - Copenhagen - 2007-02-25 - Live

There is something strange about watching Kim Wilde, mother of two and garden expert, performing these days. She's not physically super fit, she's not much of a dancer and her voice hasn't exactly ever been strong. But somehow she manages to beat the odds and create a fantastic connection with the audience.

Kim and her band (including brother Ricky on guitar and sister Roxanne on background vocals) seem to have genuine fun on stage and all the giggling from Kim and the clear irony towards her old pop star status simply makes her very charming.

The crowd in Vega were older than you'd normally expect at a pop concert but they were great. They even managed to take over "Cambodia" and get Kim all confused so she forgot the lyrics of the last verse. Ricky got her back on track though. We were served all the hits we could wish for and even a cover version of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" and a birthday song for Ricky's daughter Scarlett as well.

So the overall status ends up quite positive and I left Vega with a happy feeling and some great pop tunes in my head. Last song "Kids in America" will forever define the eighties and the band performed it very well.

Rating: 4

Band: Kim Wilde

Venue: Vega, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2007-02-25


Chequered love, I fly, Baby obey me, View from a bridge, You'll never be so wrong, Together we belong, Never trust a stranger, Tuning in tuning on, Perfect girl, Birthday song, Game over, Enjoy the silence, Four letter word, You keep me hangin' on, Chasing cars, Cambodia.


You came, Kids in America.

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