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Kim Wilde @ Roskilde Kongrescenter, Copenhagen, 2019-06-06 [Concert Review]

Kim Wilde - Roskilde Kongrescenter, Live, 2019-06-06

Kim Wilde and her 7 piece band visited Roskilde Kongrescenter last night. Her band features her brother Ricky on guitar, 2 drummers and Ricky's daughter Scarlett as background singer. The crowded venue was close to being sold-out and it was awfully hot in there. Poor Kim must have had a very hot night herself. She was wearing a tight leather-outfit for the entire show. The gig went on for about 1h45m including the encore.

Roskilde Kongrescenter is not exactly blessed with superior acoustics, but it actually didn't sound bad at all. The band was tight and seemed to have genuine fun together and the 2 drummers combined with guitars, bass and keyboards created a massive and rich sound for a lot of the songs. Yes, you could smell some backing track at times combined with various vocal effects, but you actually had the feeling that it was mostly live. You can always discuss Kim's vocal, but that is how she's always sounded and how she should sound. Energy-bomb Scarlett did some nice background support for Kim, and Ricky was also allowed to join in on a couple of songs.

The crowd clearly hadn't bothered checking out Kim's really great new album "Here Come the Aliens" from 2018. Every time we were being treated with a new song, the crowd lost their focus. You can't blame the band or the music for that, because the new album has some pretty strong pop-tunes on it and it was really nice to hear many of them live. Obviously the crowd woke up again every time a classic was being delivered - including "Cambodia", "Chequered Love", "You Keep Me Hangin' On", and the inevitable "Kids in America".

Kim dared a few ballads with only minor backing as well, but parts of the crowd wouldn't have it. Blah blah blah from everywhere - it sounded like a fucking school yard. Disrespectful and sad. Why do you pay 370 Kroner to go to a gig, if you can just stay at home talking to your TV for free?

Kim mentioned that her father Marty is on tour at the moment. Marty is 80 years old and Kim threatened to continue for just as long! I don't think anybody would mind if she kept visiting us for many more years. She is very charming, her band is great and they all deliver a very good show. I've seen her several times in recent years, and she is in great form at the moment. It was a fine night in Roskilde and I wouldn't mind being in the crowd again next time she hits Copenhagen or anywhere near it.

Rating: 4

Band: Kim Wilde

Venue: Roskilde Kongrescenter, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2019-06-06


  • Stereo Shot,
  • Water on Glass,
  • Never Trust a Stranger,
  • Kandy Krush,
  • Cambodia,
  • Birthday,
  • Yours 'til the End,
  • Solstice,
  • Words Fell Down,
  • Bladerunner,
  • Rosetta,
  • Cyber Nation War,
  • View From a Bridge,
  • Chequered Love,
  • You Came,
  • You Keep Me Hangin' On,
  • 1969


  • Pop Don't Stop,
  • Kids in America.

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