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Kate Clover - "The Apocalypse Dream", LP, [2024] [Record Review]

Kate Clover - "The Apocalypse Dream", LP, [2024]

Kate Clover's second album "The Apocalypse Dream" continues the pop-punk style she began on her debut album "Bleed Your Heart Out" [2022]. It's a bit more pop-oriented this time around than it was on the first more punk-oriented album. It's nothing that should worry her fans though, Kate still sounds very much like herself. 

Kate writes and plays mostly fast-paced short songs and many of them are quite catchy too. It is non-complicated no-bullshit rock 'n roll and it is really easy to like. Album title track and opener "The Apocalypse Dream" is a good example of just that. Straight to the point. Next song "Like A Domino" keeps on rockin' and so does most of the album from beginning to end. 

You could argue that there isn't much variation but that would be missing the point. "Damage Control" and "Blue In June" are a bit more melodic and a bit less kick ass. That's about as much variation as you will get. This is not experimental music. This is about kicking some rock n roll ass. You'll get exactly that. No more and no less.

I am not a fan of the slightly distorted/overloaded sound found on several of the songs on the new album. It goes for both digital and vinyl versions of the album. Her debut had a cleaner and better overall sound in my opinion. It is not a big issue but I just wanted to point out that I'm not a fan of this new sound. Listen to the otherwise great song "Here Comes The Love Bomb" for an example of what I am talking about.

My favorite songs? Probably "Disconnected" and "You'll Be The Death Of Me". Both of them have a great mix of fast pace and a catchy chorus. When the album ends with last tune "L.A. Prayer", it's one of those albums that you'll just flip over and play again.

If you ever get a chance of catching Kate and her boys live on tour then you shouldn't think twice. Kate is from Los Angeles but she is currently touring all over Europe. She played a really great gig here in Copenhagen earlier this week for a smaller but dedicated crowd. We loved every second of it.

Her debut album should be set to get a 3rd reprint sometime "soon". I'm looking forward to that.

Rating: 4

Band: Kate Clover

Record Title: The Apocalypse Dream

This Release: 2024

Record Format: LP

Record Label: SVR


  • The Apocalypse Dream
  • Like A Domino
  • No More Romance
  • Damage Control
  • Disconnected
  • Here Comes The Love Bomb
  • I Don't Care
  • Blue In June
  • You'll Be The Death Of Me
  • L.A. Prayer

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Updated: 2024-05-17 17:42

Created: 2024-05-17 15:14

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