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KP's quick guide to Roskilde Festival 2012 [Music Comment]

KP's quick guide to Roskilde Festival 2012

I was a bit sceptic at first after seeing the (almost) full program for 2012. Seeing danish act Mew as a "Headliner" made me laugh out loud (they're known as Møw among people who are "not so much fans".) But I have taken a deep breath now, and it could have been a lot worse. In fact there's some very promising experiences hidden in there (and more great bands that I'll only run into by random chance, but that is only to be expected from Roskilde every year.)

Ain't many serious metal acts in the line-up this year, but Copenhagen's own metal festival COPENHELL has a truly fucking awesome line-up in 2012, so I'll be fully satisfied metal-wise otherwise elsewhere.


The Cure plays Thursday, Hank III plays Friday, Bruce plays Saturday. Now, that's one kick-ass band for every day I've planned to be there!!!

The Cure: are already legendary at Roskilde, but after their über-cool 3 hour stint at my birthday party @ Copenhagen's Forum in 2008, there's no doubt they'll even make the boys cry and disintegrate it all in pornographic ways. The Cure are a legendary live band. They know Orange stage better than most bands in the world and they will make the young boys and girls understand (by live awesomeness) that the youngsters' preferred new popular music is shite. The Cure is everything and it doesn't matter if we all die!

Hank III: was unknown to me when I decided to check him out at Copenhagen's Vega in 2009 and he can be both awesome (country), very great (hellbilly) and rather shitty (metal) all at the same time and at the same concert. You cannot however complain that you do not get value for your money. He is his granddad of country mixed with the rock insanity of early Jason and the Scorchers and then blended well and truly with punk and madness. He will tear the place apart.

Bruce Springsteen: was seen by me at Copenhagen's Parken in 2008 from front-row. I had to eat a few words and even admit this: he is a truly legendary live performer. I will never be a fan of his music while I like several of his albums, but I will grant the man that he is a hard-working rock dude, and he is one of the few rock legends left. Prince - himself, another legend - funked up the Orange stage like it's never been before in 2010. Let's see if Bruce can make a night just as magical? I think there's a rock party comin' up!


These ones should kick enough ass to boil a few centiliters of urine indeed!

Jack White:

Dunno too much about him or his new solo shit. But if he plays "Seven Nation Army" and a bunch of them old hits then he might have the party with him. I think it could work just fine.

Machine Head:

I think I saw them 5 times live playing their (indeed awesome) 2007 album "The Blackening". Admitted they were kinda boring the 3rd time around. I think it could be great this time though. New album / energy / fucking metal and circle pits all over!!!!!!! :D

Janelle Monáe:

I didn't see the much talked about concert of true awesomeness at Roskilde last year, but Janelle did play as support at Prince's two-day NPG Festival in Copenhagen last year, so I got to see her and I liked what I saw. I bought her releases later and there's a lot of great stuff mixed with a lot of mediocre tracks. If she mix-up the best of old with some of the rumored new stuff, then we'll have a new killer gig. I'll be there!


Well, don't blame me, if any of those turns out to be a steamin' turd. But they could potentially be great gigs. We'll see.


I remember the famous concert at White stage way back in 1994. Both because the crowd almost killed me and then saved my life. But also because Björk was awesome back then. I love The Sugarcubes and early solo Björk. The rest is mostly shite - well, that is until I gave up. I wouldn't know about the newest additions. She better work hard on stage though to compete with Gringo Bar's temptations.

The Cult:

A band I never liked back then. I doubt I will now. But still a name you know. I might hear a few songs.

Malk De Koijn:

One of my kiddy bro's favorite weirdo bands. They're not bad at all. I can hear the clever shit, and the rap doesn't suck like exactly all other danish rap do. Maybe I'll check 'em out.

120 Days:

Electronic. Depeche Mode wanna be's. Not bad me thinks. Maybe just maybe.


A crazy girl told me I need to hear them guys. Maybe I will! They may be cool live. Not impossible at all!


Bands I don't know anything about (yet) but could very well decide to check out, if the wind and the smell of the horse is right about righty right.

Alison Krauss, Behemoth.


What were they (not) thinking (or booking)?

Billy Idol:

I know the bookers probably can't imagine it. But Billy woulda been the ultimate scoop. He fucked up Vega for real in 2005! The man is a rock and roll legend, been playing with other legends like Derwood and Tony James in fucking Generation X. And yes, he is on tour. Too sad to see him play fucking shit-hole Odense instead. Hope it hurts for a few of you too? Geez. :(

D-A-D (disneyland after dark):


This number of bands should allow me (plenty of) time to stay at Gringo Bar for hours and hours and hours..?

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