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Jurassic World Evolution (The Game, PC) [2018] [Game Review]

Jurassic World Evolution (The Game, PC) [2018]

This is the best game I've played in a long while. It had me playing for days without end, until I was too tired to sit on a chair, something not even the brilliant games "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus" [2017] and "Doom" [2016] have managed to make me do in recent years. It's like a mixture of good old "SimCity 2000" [1993] and games of micro-managing stuff. Think of "X-COM: Enemy Unknown" by MicroProse [1994], Facebook's "Farm Town" or "Tycoon - whatever". The point is, you need to take care of the park, namely the Dinosaurs and the Visitors. The Visitors provide the money you'll need to keep the 3 management divisions happy, and to develop and expand the park with more stuff and more Dinos.

Basically it is a matter of keeping everybody happy - including the dinosaurs. Once you understand the game mechanics, it is not too difficult (Google a bit if you get lost, there are lots of sites that can help), but it still requires a lot of fiddling around with settings and whatever fucking item that makes most money in the gift-shop or how many animals of a certain species it takes to keep them from going full retard on your fences and each other.

You'll spend most of your time in overview mode if you want to get a 5 stars rating on all islands and complete all the game missions, but when you allow yourself some playtime along the way, a lot of fun can be found in the detail oriented modes. You can pilot one of the helicopters or drive a ranger jeep. The graphics are really great and very detailed when you get up close with that new Indoraptor of yours and you release it with a T-Rex and an Indominus Rex. It will get you some great photos from your ranger jeep!

I paid full price for this game when it came out and it was clearly overprized, but I never felt cheated. They added 6 extra Dinos for free soon after it's release, and I've had tons of fun with the game. If you like Dinosaurs and some "retarded" (or at least very time-consuming) micro-management then you'll absolutely love it.

I had a few crashes in the first few days, but after some game patches it ran without any issues or further crashes. My graphics card is a GeForce GTX 1070, but I am sure it will run on way less than that.

Replay value? Not that much. I had nearly 70 hours of fun along the way though, and most shooters will hardly give you 20 hours.

Rating: 6

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