KP says

Jason & The Scorchers - Lost & Found

Absolutely essential 2008 re-release of the 1985 album "Lost & Found" with the bonus inclusion of the brilliant 1983 album "Fervor". This is cow punk and country rock'n'roll. These songs are true gems. The album title pretty much says it all: I heard this shit 23 years ago, I never got around to buying it back then, but I never forgot. Good thing I didn't forget, cuz it fucking rocks! Jason Ringenberg, that man on the guitar Warner Hodges and the other two dudes kick some serious ass.

Last Time Around, Blanket Of Sorrow, Shop It Around, Broken Whiskey Glass, Change The Tune and then you get an ass kicking Absolutely Sweet Marie and Help There's A Fire, I Can't Help Myself, Hot Nights In Georgia and Both Sides Of The Line.

The follow up "Still Standing" from 1986 is pretty damn cool as well.

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