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"It - Chapter 2", Cinema, [2019] [Movie Review]

"It - Chapter 2" (2019)

I will keep this review short. This review will actually end pretty soon, unlike this stupid movie that never seems to end. IT feels dragged out like a fucking Gandhi movie. Yeah, there are jokes about the shitty ending in Stephen King's novel and those bits are actually funny, but IT totally fails later on, when this movie doesn't know how to end either. IT changes the original ending, probably to the better, but why did IT have to feel like watching for 30 hours when IT is barely 3 hours. I've had enough with long movies!!

"IT ENDS" ... Why won't it just fucking end?! Will it ever end? NEIN!!

The acting is okay and certainly better than the original TV series (yeah, you'd expect that with actors like Jessica Chastain on board), but IT never really moves forward. At all. The generic jump scares can be seen from 200 kilometers away and they aren't scary at all. IT feels like an endless repetition of the same old clown shit. And nope, there is no gang bang in this movie either.

I watched it in IMAX and IT all looks fine and shiny and IT sounds great too. IT just doesn't feel great. Don't have too many expectations when/if you go for yourself. There's a great chance you'll be disappointed or maybe just fall asleep. Scary clowns are so last year.

Rating: 2

Movie Title: It - Chapter 2

Director: Andy Muschietti

This Release: 2019

Movie Genre: Horror/Action

RunTime: 169

Actor: Jessica Chastain

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2019-09-08 18:23

Created: 2019-09-08 18:15

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