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"Interstellar", Cinema, [2014] [Movie Review]

Interstellar [2014]

There's been a lot of hype around this movie and being a sci-fi fan, I had to check it out even if I am certainly not normally a fan of Christopher Nolan movies. Copenhagen's Imperial is among a few cinemas in Europe that can show the movie in the 70 mm format, so I guess that is kinda cool.

It is a slow and a long movie, but even though it certainly takes it's time, it is never boring and fascinates most of the way through. It starts off quite slowly on a dying Earth where we get to know former NASA pilot Cooper [Matthew McConaughey] and his family - especially his intelligent daughter Murph [Mackenzie Foy / Jessica Chastain]. Cooper is sent out in space together with 3 other astronauts/scientists through a wormhole as a sort of last hope for all humankind to either find a habitable planet in another galaxy or alternatively to abandon Earth and everybody living here and start a new human population out there.

What they find out there - and if they succeed or not - you'll have to watch the movie to find out. It contains a lot of scientific terms of black holes and gravitational force and worm holes and five-dimensional space and non-linear time and what-not to swallow, but it is still quite a trip and an adventure into unknown space, whether you find it the least bit realistic or not. It got a bit sentimental at times but it never quite made me puke, so it could certainly have been worse. Also there's funny robots programmed with a sense of sarcastic humor and that certainly counts on the plus side.

All the actors are great and while I am not sure if it's a movie I'll watch again, I am glad I went and saw it. Like Gravity [2013] it is a movie that deserves to be seen on the big screen.

Rating: 4

Movie Title: Interstellar

Director: Christopher Nolan

This Release: 2014

Movie Genre: Sci-Fi

RunTime: 169

Actors: Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy, Jessica Chastain

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2014-11-06 22:09

Created: 2014-11-06 10:19

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