KP says

Heatfarm - Moose - Copenhagen, Denmark - 2008-08-29 - Live

Who says that rockn'n'roll should be played at a lame and low level like Vega and The EU demands? Moose hosted a gig last night by danish rockers Heatfarm and it was insanely MotörLOUD. We enjoyed every second and especially the fun bit where the bass cut off and the band just kept going. Pros and rockers to the bone. Great indeed!

Highlights: Dance On Your Grave and Danseorkesterets Kom Tilbage Nu in a very rocking version.

S.C.O., Ann Marie, Girl bend over, Motocross, Highway to Elsinore, Worm, 25 M, Gammel Bræk og Fisk, Ladyboys, Born to Be, Enchilada, Dance On Your Grave, Hævn over Skøgen, Dødsruter(det må jo være rigtigt hvis I siger det), Philosophy and Sport, Tog til Satan, DK, Gnu

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