KP says

Gemma Ray : "The Exodus Suite"

In many ways, this is business as usual by Gemma Ray. But sometimes more of the same is just fine if it's of the quality that Gemma always delivers.

I knew several of the songs already, since they were in the setlist at Gemma's awesome gig last year at Copenhagen's Stengade venue. The opener "Come Caldera" and closer "Caldera, Caldera!" are found on a 7" single that comes with the vinyl LP. On the CD they are placed as first and last song.

My favorites are "There must be more than this", "The original one", "Ifs and Buts". All of them were played at the gig I saw in 2015. Even if some of the other songs don't stand out as much as my favorites, they are still enjoyable to listen to and the album should please any Gemma fan.

"Some people they just turn their backs and run
Preferring to just talk about the things they should have done
They talk about the things they're gonna do
Talkers that are not worth talking to"

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