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Gemma Ray @ Stengade, Copenhagen, 2015-02-28 [Concert Review]

Gemma Ray - Stengade, Copenhagen - Live - 2015-02-28

Sometimes you just leave a concert speechless. Last night was one of those. Gemma Ray just played 2015's best concert at Copenhagen's Stengade venue. I might as well skip all other live music in 2015 because nothing will top this gig. She is simply awesome. People who hadn't seen her before agreed. Wow! Just wow!

I discovered Gemma when she played support for Nick Cave's Grinderman at Copenhagen's Vega in 2011. She returned to Vega in 2013 to support Seasick Steve and so did I. Back then she promised she'd return sooner or later with a full headliner gig and it was so worth the wait.

Songs from her newest album "Milk For Your Motors" from 2014 were richly represented and we also got lots of older material and even a few brand new ones. There's no bullshit or tricks. What you hear on her albums is what you get live. Only even better. No silly synchro-dancers and no nonsense. Pure music that goes straight to your heart. Gemma was backed by a bassist and a drummer / keyboard player (often playing drums and keyboards simultaneously!)

A guess would be that we were about 120 people in the crowd. Not exactly impressive but you know how it is, most Danish people prefer to sit at home and watch TV and eat their cake. I'm certain that those who actually came to Stengade will be back next time and I'm sure they'll bring more friends.

Gemma joined the crowd several times during the evening to watch the support acts and talk to friends and fans. I had a photo taken with her and she autographed an album for me and took the time to answer a few questions of mine. She's a sweet girl. A girl with a guitar, a big knife and some amazing music.

Support bands for the evening were Carl Coleman (AUS) and Ned Collette (AUS). Carl sounded a bit like a melancholic version of Bruce Springsteen. Not bad actually. Ned sounded a bit like a melancholic version of Radiohead. Both men played solo, a man and his guitar. I think the main gig lasted around 1h15 while both support acts got around half an hour each.

My Videos:

"Motorbike" / "Waving at Mirrors" : Gemma Ray - Motorbike / Waving at Mirrors - Stengade 2015-02-28 from KPs video nightmare on Vimeo.

Rating: 6

Band: Gemma Ray

Venue: Stengade 30, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2015-02-28

Support Bands: Carl Coleman, Ned Collette


  • 900 Miles,
  • Put The Bolt In The Door,
  • If You Want to Rock and Roll,
  • Flood And A Fire,
  • The Original One,
  • The Wheel, Motorbike / Waving At Mirrors,
  • Ifs and Buts,
  • There Must Be More Than This,
  • Desoto / Out In The Rain,
  • The Right Thing Did Me Wrong,
  • So Do I.


  • Ghost On The Highway,
  • [unknown title].

Ticket Price (DKK): 80

Ticket Provider: Place2Book

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