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Gemma Ray @ Musik und Frieden, Berlin, 2019-02-15 [Concert Review]

Gemma Ray - Musik & Frieden, Live, Berlin 2019-02-15

I am so glad I went to see this sold-out "Psychogeology" album release party in Berlin. Gemma Ray and her 2 men and 2 women band were a total blast. Gemma on voice 'n guitar, a keyboard player, a bassist, sax 'n flute, drums 'n keys. Gemma has never sounded better live and the packed room loved every second and swallowed it all up.

The band and the new album gave it all an organic feel, the live horns with space echo took it even further. It's psychedelic, it's mesmerizing, it's dreamy, it was intimate and most of all it was totally awesome. We got 9 out of 10 songs from her brand new album, plus a few older gems and covers. The sound was perfect in the Musik & Frieden venue and the audience was great too and gave the band all the applause they deserved.

The biggest surprise however: Gemma is rather pregnant and the father (Andy) is behind the drums. It gave her some difficulty playing her guitar and she had to sit down a few times and she talked a bit more than usual to buy herself some time to get her hands to act like they should on the guitar, and it really only made it even more intimate and charming. This is only the first show on her current European tour, so I hope she will be able to make it through. Hamburg, you are in for a treat tomorrow!

The new album is really great. The more you play it, the more it grows. Nothing beats the live experience though and it is so worth it hearing this album live performed by Gemma and her fantastic band. Don't miss that chance!

The support act was a one man band named Thomas Truax. He was quite a sight to see and hear. Lots of out-worldly weird instruments and really a nice surprise indeed. I can only recommend him. He is a musical entertainer, if there ever was one.


Rating: 6

Band: Gemma Ray

Venue: Musik und Frieden, Berlin, DE

Concert Date: 2019-02-15

Support Band: Thomas Truax


  • Land of Make Believe,
  • Psychogeology,
  • Flood Plains,
  • Blossom Crawls,
  • Dreaming is Easy,
  • My World is Empty without You [the supremes cover],
  • In Colour,
  • Death Tapes,
  • Killbite [unknown cover],
  • It's Only Loneliness,
  • Roll On River,
  • Runaway,
  • Name Your Lord


  • Shake Baby Shake [Gemma Ray solo],
  • Hail Animal,
  • Flood and a Fire

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