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Gemma Ray - "Gemma Ray & The Death Bell Gang", LP, [2023] [Record Review]

Gemma Ray - "Gemma Ray & The Death Bell Gang", LP, [2023]

Gemma Ray is one of my favorite musicians. There's just something about her singing voice and the moods she creates in her songs that is quite irresistible. She is brilliant live too but unfortunately I don't think there are any gigs planned for this new album.

It is not a typical Gemma Ray album, if there even exists such a thing. It is a rather electronical album compared to her previous more "organic" output. This new album is a collaboration with sound designer Ralf Goldkind. Electronic music has found it's way onto Gemma's albums earlier on, like it did on the awesome 2014 song "Motorbike" featuring a certain Alan Vega, so it is not unheard of. On this new album it is however more dominating. Don't expect a 1980s synth pop album - it's nothing like that.

Gemma still builds sound scapes that make you dream and feel you are listening to a movie - nothing is changed there. It is not a radical change from her previous music, it just sounds more electronic this time. The most upbeat and easily digestible tunes are probably "Come Oblivion" and "The Point That Tears". They are good candidates for my Gemma's Best Of collection.

"There's something in the soil
There's something in the soil
We simmer then we boil
Come Oblivion, and take me in your arms"

That doesn't in any way mean that you should skip the rest of the songs here. Give it time and they will grow on you. "Procession" is also a nice place to start. It has a dark dreamy feeling as it drags you in and won't let go.

"And the bells are ringing out
And the bells are ringing out
Have you ever ever lost control?
Have you ever ever lost control?"

It's hard to say if this album will remain in my playlist for years to come but I've been listening to it on repeat for more than a week now and I'm nowhere near tired of it yet, that is always a good sign.


  • Gemma Ray
  • Ralf Goldkind
  • Andrew Zammit
  • Kristof Hahn
  • Ed Turner

Rating: 5

Band: Gemma Ray

Record Title: Gemma Ray & The Death Bell Gang

This Release: 2023

Record Format: LP

Record Label: Bronze Rat

Extra Info:

The album is available on vinyl in 2 versions.

I got the splatter version and it looks cool, it sounds great with only minor surface noise and it comes with a digital download (Wave files) and a poster.

The inner-sleeve has the lyrics printed on it.


  • No Love
  • Procession
  • Be Still
  • Howling
  • Come Oblivion
  • Tempelhof Desert Inn
  • I Am Not Who I Am
  • The Point That Tears
  • All These Things
  • Blowing Up Rocks

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Created: 2023-02-10 17:48

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