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GWAR - "The New Dark Ages", LP, [2022] [Record Review]

GWAR - "The New Dark Ages", [2022]

I like this second "post-Oderus" GWAR album. Musically it is better than their previous album "The Blood of Gods" from 2017. The new album is a bit different from older GWAR albums perhaps, but it is only fair that the new band find their own sound. It is different but it is still indistinguishably GWAR. 

The biggest difference is perhaps the singing. The new singer Blöthar the Berserker is a better singer than Oderus Urungus. Does that make the songs better? Not necessarily, but it certainly make them different. It makes no sense to compare the 2 front men. They are 2 very different alien Gods. Oderus was far superior to all Human Scum on stage, but I think the new dude does a great job in an impossible situation. Replacing Oderus is not an easy thing to do!

"You think it's easy
Bein' a God?"

I'm disappointed that GWAR skipped Denmark on their recent European tour but it may be down to the fact that most Danish people don't know shit about rock n roll, never have - never will.

The last 3 "songs" are like some ambient whale sounds music for GWAR Slaves. These songs feel a bit out of place. On the other hand they fill the flip side of the 2nd LP, and that is way better than those stupid 3-sided LPs. And who the fuck said that whales don't listen to GWAR?!

"Look at me, can't you see?
Completely fucked
Clearly, I'm completely fucked"

Rating: 4

Band: GWAR

Record Title: The New Dark Ages

This Release: 2022

Record Format: LP

Record Label: Pit Records


Main Album:

  • New Dark Age,
  • Blood Libel,
  • Berserker Mode,
  • Mother Fucking Liar,
  • Unto The Breach,
  • Completely Fucked,
  • The Cutter (Featuring – Lzzy Hale),
  • Rise Again (Featuring – Hey Steve),
  • The Beast Will Eat Itself,
  • Venom Of The Platypus,
  • Ratcatcher,
  • Bored To Death

Death Whistle Suite (ambient whale music for Slaves):

  • Temple Ascent (Death Whistle Suite),
  • Starving Gods (Death Whistle Suite),
  • Deus Ex Monstrum (Death Whistle Suite)

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Created: 2022-09-30 18:19

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