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GWAR - "Bloody Pit Of Horror", CD, [2010] [Record Review]

GWAR - Bloody Pit Of Horror

Really great new album from our favorite alien Scumdogs: GWAR. It is fairly hardcore musically and the lyrics are hilarious as always.

First song (Bloody Pit Of Horror) runs for 13 minutes and is split into 4 parts and is about GWAR collecting a zombie army out of the filthy human scum and then launching the Scumship to conquer the universe: We are the Scumdogs and this is our war, til' we burn the last world and kill the last race. All hope is out for the universe, unless GWAR run out of crack and will have to abandon the mission. This is one hell of an opener and the rest of the album doesn't disappoint either.

Tick-Tits is nice poetry:

Have you seen her tits when they're covered in ticks
Let's all go lick them then pop them with sticks
Tick-tits are growing, they're saggy and grey
And once you fuck tick-tits you'll never go gay

GWAR also has a sweet tune for the women You are my meat that starts with a girl in the frying pan and ends with the girl being shit out the ass. Very touching story.

GWAR is one of the few bands that gets away with a song built on a catchy chant Genocide, genocide Hail! Hail! Genocide, genocide Hail! Hail!

Then, of course, there's a visit by Doktor Mengele in the song KZ Nekromancer and also a song based on the impressive list of all the persons and creatures that GWAR have executed on stage, including many celebrities, politicians, the pope and various creatures.

Bloody Pit Of Horror is everything we love about GWAR with lots of great humor, fucked up alien behavior and good aggressive music. The music works much better than it did on their last album Lust In Space[2009]. It doesn't sound like the more melodic GWAR of old (e.g. Maggots, Salaminizer, Biledriver) at all and instead it has more of the modern GWAR sound from their last few albums. That is however not necessarily bad and there's a lot of energy and punch in the music on the new album.

The "exclusive European limited edition digipak" has 2 bonus tracks: Hell-O Medley and Stripper Christmas Summer Weekend which was previously released as a single in the US. They're both pretty good and has a hint of how GWAR sounded if we go back in time. Also the album comes with a fold-out lyrics sheet making it much easier to decipher just what the hell Oderus Urungus is trying to tell us human scum.

Rating: 5

Band: GWAR

Record Title: Bloody Pit Of Horror

This Release: 2010

Record Format: CD

Record Label: AFM

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2010-12-20 21:07

Created: 2010-12-17 15:39

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