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Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "Welcome To The Pleasuredome", CD, [1984] [Record Review]

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome

Fantastic Japanese 2CD re-release of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's masterpiece from 1984. It surely costs a minor fortune being a Japanese import, but I simply love this album and my old European CD release sucked big time due to a lousy analogue to digital transfer. This new Japanese release is so much better and has been re-mastered. Perhaps the vinyl still sounds better (haven't played them back to back, but this is well good enough to be very enjoyable.)

If the original album is not enough, fear not! There's more! The second disc contains 9 tracks taken from various 12inches from the same period. This should be enough to make you wonder if you're on the right planet:

  • Relax(sex mix) full 16:22 version
  • Two Tribes(carnage) 7:57
  • Welcome to the Pleasuredome(video soundtrack) 5:45
  • The Power of Love(instrumental) 2:33
  • War(hidden) 8:34
  • Relax(international/live) 4:44
  • Two Tribes(annihilation) 9:10
  • One September Monday 4:50
  • Ferry Cross The Mersey 4:05

Well, there's actually even more. A Japanese boxset entitled "Return To The Pleasuredome: F.G.T.H. Complete Box" has also just been released. It features a very cool track list of mostly singles and b-sides, a second disc of remixes (not the same as those above) and even a DVD with all the music videos. If that ain't enough it also contains a t-shirt, a FGTH condom, a postcard and a booklet. Can't wait till I get my sweaty hands on that one as well. Should only be a question of days.

Shooting stars never stop - Even when they reach the top
There goes a supernova - What a pushover - yeah

Rating: 6

Band: Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Record Title: Welcome To The Pleasuredome

First Release: 1984

This Release: 2009

Record Format: CD

Record Label: ZTT

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2009-08-17 20:57

Created: 2009-08-11 20:30

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