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Exilia @ The Rock, Copenhagen, 2009-02-27 [Concert Review]

Exilia (Ill Niño, God Forbid) - The Rock - Copenhagen - 2009-02-27 - Live

I wasn't entering this gig with very high hopes, since I usually don't like Nu-metal at all. Good thing is that I was pretty much blown away by the first act Exilia that comes out of Milan in Italy.

It was a pretty small crowd that had turned up for this first act, but to judge from people's reactions, I wasn't the only one who loved what Exilia had in store for us. Female singers is another thing I usually don't like in metal bands, but Masha is absolutely excellent with a brilliant voice and the right amount of charisma. Charisma is something you can also tag Privacy the bass player with. Super slamming performance - almost funky at times. In fact the rhythm section grooved like freakin' hell althrough the set.

The song Stop Playing God is a good place to start if you want a taste of what makes Exilia so cool. I rushed to the merchandise stand to pick up a couple of cds after the gig had ended, and I look forward to dive into them in the coming days.

After this excellent start God Forbid entered the stage. They were all I hate about Nu metal. Absolutely awful. Ironically enough the venue was now becoming filled with people who had made the stupid mistake of arriving late and missing the first and best band.

Last band and headliner was Ill Niño. They didn't exactly sound like an ill child, but on the other hand they were not exactly excellent either, but compared to God Forbid they were a lot better. No doubt about it.

Above rating is for Exilia only.

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Rating: 5

Band: Exilia

Venue: The Rock, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2009-02-27

Support Bands: Ill Niño, God Forbid

Ticket Price (DKK): 220

Ticket Provider: Venue

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Language: EN

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Created: 2009-02-28 19:23

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