KP says

Eastern Promises

This movie is about the driver (played very well by Viggo Mortensen) in a London based Russian mob family. Nikolai is much more than just a driver and he is trying to make his way up in the hierarchy of the mob organization.

The movie has been directed by David Cronenberg and is a fairly typical mob movie. It has some pretty violent scenes with a fair amount of gore and the movie is quite raw. There is however always a sense of humor (especially from Nikolai) and also a human touch (especially from Naomi Watts playing Anna.)

We get an interesting look inside the violent Russian mob organization Vory V Zakone and their business of importing young Eastern European girls to be used as sex slaves in London.

The movie runs for about 1h40 and is neither too short nor too long. It is entertaining and interesting from beginning to end.

The only thing I didn't like was the ending. I thought it was a bit too open and it didn't really wrap up things as well as I would have liked it to do. But I guess that leaves some room for my own imagination or something...

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