KP says

EU demands volume kept at maximum 85 dB at rock concerts?????

According to danish newspaper Politiken the EU has demanded that all music venues from February 2008 keep the volume at 85 dB or below. This supposedly to protect venue employees from the loud music.

This is absolutely outrageous unbelievable insane bureaucratic EU bullshit. Live music and especially rock music CANNOT and I repeat CANNOT be enjoyed at 85 dB. Rock'n'roll should be played LOUD as bloody hell and if some people are equipped with weak ears then they can wear all the earplugs and ear protection they want. That doesn't change the fact that rock'n'roll should kick you in the stomach with an iron fist. If it doesn't do that then it just ain't rock'n'roll.

I sincerely hope that some politicians with a bit of common sense (if they exist?) will make the morons who thought up this bullshit at the EU change their minds immediately. Because this is a law that CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be obeyed. This is pure EU bullshit.

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